Da esquerda para direita; Marcelo Segatto (PPGEE); Sandra Reinz (MCTI); Moisés Ribeiro (PPGEE); Arnaldo Junior (PPGEE) e Camilo Díaz (PPGEE).

Ufes professors participate in the largest photonics event in Brazil

Researchers from the Ufes Telecommunications Laboratory (LabTel) participated in the 4th Sisfóton Webinar, the event was held on March 16 and 17 and was marked by discussions on good practices, successes and problems of photonics entrepreneurship in Brazil.

The Ufes delegation had the participation of professors from the Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering (PPGEE) and researchers from LabTel, Arnaldo Leal Junior, Camilo Díaz, Marcelo Segatto, Maria José Pontes and Moisés Ribeiro.

The 4th Sisfóton Webinar was organized by the Sisfóton Integrator Laboratory – CPQD and is part of a series of actions by the Sisfóton network, an initiative of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) that aims to develop and promote technological innovation, scientific and social aspects of the Brazilian photonics industry. Photonics is a promising science that studies the generation, emission, transmission, amplification and detection of light.

The event

The venue chosen for the event was the Telecommunications Research and Development Center (CPQD). During the days of the event, four round tables were held; Health, Agribusiness; Energy and Industry and Telecommunications. All focused on the discussion of photonics in different Brazilian business sectors.

The Webinar also had the participation of photonics companies and Startups, which had the function of contributing to the maturation of entrepreneurship in the country.

For CPQD coordinator João Rosolem, the Webinar was a success. “It was the first opportunity since the beginning of the Sisphoton System in 2021 that we were able to bring together representatives of all the laboratories that are part of this initiative”, he said. The teacher still completed. “Our goal is to bring the discussion of entrepreneurship in photonics, making the results produced by general laboratories reach the market”.

LabTel at the 4th Webinar

LabTel was present at the 4th Sisfóton Webinar with five professors, who during the event were able to exchange project and research experiences in photonics with teams from other laboratories.

For Professor Marcelo Segatto, who participated in the Photonics in Telecommunications panel, going to the event is an important moment to strengthen ties with researchers from all over Brazil.

“The moment to form partnerships, the exchange of experiences that the event provides is very nice, especially in the area of integrated photonics”, he celebrated. The researcher also highlighted two memorable moments of the event: the visit to Unicamp’s Sisfóton Laboratory, and to Sirius, the largest particle accelerator in the southern hemisphere.

“We will form a partnership with Unicamp’s Sisfóton Laboratory, we are still working on some details, but everything is moving towards starting projects together soon”, stated Segatto.

The professor believes that now is the time to put into practice everything that the Sisfóton initiative has been building. “We at LabTel are able to advance a lot in photonics, we don’t owe anything we managed to do in sensors and communication”.

Arnaldo Júnior (PPGEE) attended the Webinar in person for the first time. “I met most of the researchers who were there and it’s always good to create new partnerships”, he commented.

For the professor, the meeting marks a moment of exchange of scientific experiences. “The event was very important because there we can see different lines of research and find out what the other Sisfóton laboratories are doing”.


Sisfóton is the National Photonics Laboratory Network, an initiative of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) aimed at developing the photonics industry in the country.

LabTel has been part of Sisfóton since 2021, along with nine other general laboratories and an Integrator Laboratory, CPQD.

For teacher Maria José, participation in Sisfóton is very positive. “We hold bimonthly meetings with all the laboratories, and a very large investment by the MCTI that aims to bring all the laboratories closer together in favor of the development of a strong and competitive industry”, she said.

6th Webinar at Ufes

To Ufes students and teachers, we have first-hand information! The 6th Sisphoton Webinar, which closes the cycle of the first CPQD actions, will be held at our University in March 2024!

The event marks the crowning of everything that was developed in the first years of the Sisphoton initiative, and will have the participation of all 11 laboratories.

Do you want to know more about the Sisfóton initiative? Access the website!

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