An article produced by LabTel researchers is among the 1% most cited by an international journal.

Professors from the Ufes Telecommunications Laboratory (LabTel) have an article among the 1% most cited in the world in the Photonics Research magazine. Called “Photonic smart bandage for wound healing assessment”, the work was carried out in collaboration with researchers from China and Portugal.

Produced by professors Anselmo Frizera and Arnaldo Leal, the article, in the last two years, has been widely cited in the academic field of Physics.

Photonics Research is edited by Optica Publishing Group, it is one of the most outstanding publishing houses in the area of optical devices and photonics in the world.

For Professor Anselmo Frizera, this approval shows the advancement of research produced at the Laboratory.

“The importance of this recognition is to demonstrate that the research carried out at Labtel has an international impact. Obtaining a high number of citations indicates that the scientific community recognizes this work as relevant to the area”, celebrates Frizera.

In addition to LabTel, the research collaborated with Beihang University and Beijing Normal University, in Beijing, and also with the University of Aveiro, in Portugal.

The research was carried out with resources from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) of Portugal, National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and the State Foundation for Research Support of the State of Espírito Santo. (FAPES).

Photo: Reproduction/Photonic smart bandage for wound healing assessment
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