Pesquisadores da Ufes viram no evento uma oportunidade de estreitar os laços entre China e Brasil. (ao centro de azul, Arnaldo. À esquerda dele, Mariana). Foto: Reprodução/LabSensores.

Ufes researchers take part in the 1st Brazil-China Nanotechnology Seminar in Shanghai

Two researchers from the Telecommunications Laboratory (LabTel) and the Sensors Laboratory (LabSensores) at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (Ufes) took part in an international event on nanotechnology in Shanghai, China. The event focused on presenting the two countries’ main policies for technological development. Arnaldo Júnior, a professor at the University’s Postgraduate Program in Electrical […]

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Research in partnership with LabTel designs a robotic hand

By: Ghenis Carlos Silva* The Ufes Telecommunications Laboratory (LabTel) in partnership with the Espírito Santo Research, Innovation and Development Center (CPID) is developing a robotic hand prosthesis. Named PrHand, the device has sensors that apply rigid and flexible elements, enabling its adaptation according to the shape of the object it handles. The project is another […]

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O PofWafe é impresso em 3D e pode ajudar no diagnóstico de doenças cardíacas. Foto: Reprodução/Freepik.

Low-cost device breaks new ground in heart disease diagnosis

By Ghenis Carlos Silva* A device developed at the Ufes Telecommunications Laboratory (LabTel), in partnership with the Center for Research, Innovation and Development, promises to innovate in the diagnosis of heart disease. The POFWave detects the heart pulse wave, the speed and the patient’s heartbeats, and from that, evaluates the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Because […]

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An article produced by LabTel researchers is among the 1% most cited by an international journal.

Professors from the Ufes Telecommunications Laboratory (LabTel) have an article among the 1% most cited in the world in the Photonics Research magazine. Called “Photonic smart bandage for wound healing assessment”, the work was carried out in collaboration with researchers from China and Portugal. Produced by professors Anselmo Frizera and Arnaldo Leal, the article, in […]

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Da esquerda para a direita (da esquerda para a direita, o professor do PPGEE Arnaldo Gomes Leal Júnior; Camilo Arturo Rodriguez Dias (PPGEE); Laura Vanesa De Arco Barraza (PPGEE); Marcelo Martins Werneck (PPGEE); Maria Jose Pontes (PPGEE).

Professor from UFRJ visits LabTel and seeks new partnerships in the field of photonics.

Ghenis Carlos Silva* – The coordinator of the Instrumentation and Photonics Laboratory of the Electrical Engineering Program at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Marcelo Werneck, visited the structures of the Telecommunications Laboratory at Ufes (LabTel) and the Research, Innovation and Development Center (CPID ) in Espírito Santo in March, with the aim […]

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LabTel project assists in the conservation and transport of vaccines and human organs

Researchers from the Ufes Telecommunications Laboratory (LabTel) have developed a device capable of monitoring the transport of vaccines, medicines and human organs, transmitting their location, temperature and humidity in real time. The Wi-Finder is an Internet of Things (IoT) application, that is, an object that gathers and transmits data over the internet. Using Wi-Fi (high […]

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Da esquerda para direita; Marcelo Segatto (PPGEE); Sandra Reinz (MCTI); Moisés Ribeiro (PPGEE); Arnaldo Junior (PPGEE) e Camilo Díaz (PPGEE).

Ufes professors participate in the largest photonics event in Brazil

Researchers from the Ufes Telecommunications Laboratory (LabTel) participated in the 4th Sisfóton Webinar, the event was held on March 16 and 17 and was marked by discussions on good practices, successes and problems of photonics entrepreneurship in Brazil. The Ufes delegation had the participation of professors from the Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering (PPGEE) and […]

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LabTel researcher assists in the implementation of an academic network in Cape Verde

Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering (DEE) and researcher at the Ufes Telecommunications Laboratory (LabTel), Moisés Ribeiro, was part of the team that demonstrated an innovative proposal to make academic network infrastructure viable in third world countries through virtualized infrastructure . The project was motivated by the case of Cape Verde. The country is […]

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