Research in partnership with LabTel designs a robotic hand

By: Ghenis Carlos Silva* The Ufes Telecommunications Laboratory (LabTel) in partnership with the Espírito Santo Research, Innovation and Development Center (CPID) is developing a robotic hand prosthesis. Named PrHand, the device has sensors that apply rigid and flexible elements, enabling its adaptation according to the shape of the object it handles. The project is another […]

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O PofWafe é impresso em 3D e pode ajudar no diagnóstico de doenças cardíacas. Foto: Reprodução/Freepik.

Low-cost device breaks new ground in heart disease diagnosis

By Ghenis Carlos Silva* A device developed at the Ufes Telecommunications Laboratory (LabTel), in partnership with the Center for Research, Innovation and Development, promises to innovate in the diagnosis of heart disease. The POFWave detects the heart pulse wave, the speed and the patient’s heartbeats, and from that, evaluates the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Because […]

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